Organization Red Cross in Germany

Soon after the formation of DP camps, Estonian Red Cross committees were established in the largest camps in the US and British zones. The main tasks of the committees was to give help and exchange information in finding lost relatives, disable persons, orphans, persons deprived of care, and assistance with clothing, footwear, and food parcels, raising funds for activities such as children’s summer camps, camp school activities, and support for wounded soldiers.

The largest Estonian Red Cross committee in Germany was the Geislingen Red Cross Committee, which was established in November 1945. Its duties included a wide range of areas, but the main work of the Committee was to assist prisoners of war and provide welfare for disabled persons. The organisation needed financial support, which was in part provided by the Estonian National Committee with revenue from cultural events, and additional income for the Red Cross came from events and donations. The revenue was used for prosthetics, medical expenses, and other support like transport of packages to prison camps and sustaining Red Cross shops.

Most Estonians were released from prisoner of war camps in the US zone in the summer and autumn of 1946. A large number of the freed prisoners went to Hochfeld and Geislingen camps. Their sustenance was provided with food donations and lessening the rations of others. There were close to 100 disabled persons in two camps, of them about 40 needed prosthetics and prosthetics were procured for 21 persons.

A separate field of support was helping those compatriots who were screened out from the camps.

Karl Robert Pusta informs Estonian consul general, Mr. Johannes Kaiv, about the activity of Red Cross. October 17, 1945.
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Remarks about Red Cross by Karl Robert Pusta while visiting Washington from June 27 to July 4, 1945.
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