In summer of 1944 the board of Lithuanian Red Cross Society (LRC) moved to Germany and in May 1945 reactivated their practices. The society's departments were established in all DP camps with higher number of lithuanians. A total of 85 divisions united 4710 members. General representatives were appointed to coordinate movements in the occupied zones. Aiming to expand the practice the LRC established a Supreme Women Committee, which consisted of 35 divisions.

Although nor UNRRA, nor IRO (International Refugee Organization) did not officially adjudicate LRC, they were yet obliged to collaborate. Since 1946 BALF ( United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America) worked alongside with LRC and pursued financial as well as material aid through it.

LRC financially supported students, nursing schools, hospitalized or temporary in poor circumstances stranded countrymen, who lost the protection of UNRRA or IRO. Material goods were divided by zones, depending on the number of persons there and their material situation. The Board of LRC was looking for ways to cumulate more resources, so it sought contacts with various relief organizations in Germany, also played a significant role in representing the Lithuanian situation to official UNRRA and IRO commissioners. LRC supervised that information would be placed in the press, also prepared and published an information publication “Hearken the Judge”.

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