Unity of the Baltic States

The most important body for joint action of refugees from the Baltic states was the Baltic Central Council (1946-1949) established with support from the British occupation authorities. This organisation with its headquarters in Detmold arranged labour, care and education affairs with the British occupation power. The Baltic Women's Council and the Baltic Students' Council were established in 1947.

Ambassadors, central refugee organisations and camp committees successfully used the opportunity to organise joint protests campaigns of the nationals of the three Baltic states against the occupation power for several times. In this way, a stable foundation was built for the future cooperation of the exile organisations of the Baltic nations.


Invitation for prof. J. Puzinas and lady to the commemoration of the Estonian Independence anniversary, 1949
National Library of Lithuania F52-307L
Photo "Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are waiting for the dawn of their Independence"
American Lithuanian Cultural Archive (ALKA)

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Unity of the Baltic States

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