Care for refugees

In the territory occupied by the Allied Forces the care for refugees was initially provided by the military authorities, while the UNRRA undertook full care for the displaced persons after October 1945. The work was ensured by 450 UNRRA teams, with 13 workers each.

Civilian refugees were provided with shelter in refugee camps, a rational (though rather modest and not always of good quality) portion of food, the most necessary clothes and medical care. Additional goods were purchased for the refugees for the funds of the Latvian state that were de-blocked by the USA, the refugees also got considerable aid from the Red Cross, the central Latvian refugee organisations and from Latvians who lived in Sweden and other countries. Special attention was given to the former Latvian soldiers who very frequently had no civilian clothes at all and were in need of medical treatment and prosthetics.

The UNRRA wound up its activities on 1 July 1947. Its functions were taken over by the IRO – the 1 st session of the General Council of this organisation was convened on 13 September 1948. IRO operated until 31 January 1952.

Key functions of the UNRRA were provision of care for refugees and their repatriation, while the main task for the IRO was provision of care for refugees and their deployment in countries of origin outside Germany.

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