The church

The church played a major role in the spiritual care for the Latvian refugees. There were 144 Latvian priests in Germany, including Teodors Grīnbergs, the Archbishop of the Latvian Evangelic Lutheran Church (LELC), who resumed operation of the LELC General Board with the headquarters in Esslingen. The coverage was divided in North Germany Area (British Occupation Zone) and South Germany Area (American and French Occupation Zone). About 100 Lutheran congregations emerged in the places where most Latvians were concentrated.

In addition, 33 Catholic priests were also settled in Germany, with three bishops among them (Jāzeps Rancāns, Boļeslavs Sloskāns and Antonijs Urbšs). The refugees founded a few dozens of Catholic congregations, administered by the Vatican-appointed national delegate Monsignor Pēteris Laurinovičs in München.

Baptists established 18 congregations with about 35 preachers. The operation of the Association of Latvian Baptist Congregations was resumed in Esslingen under the administration of Rūdolfs Vītols.

The number of Orthodox Latvian refugees did not exceed several thousands, but they were led by the Metropolitan Augustine of the Latvian Orthodox Church and 25 priests (about half of them were of Russian ethnicity). Activity of the Synod of the Latvian Orthodox Church was resumed and 17 congregations were established. The Latvian Orthodox Church abroad restored belonging of the Latvian Orthodox Church community to the canonical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

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