Latvian National Committee in Bavaria

As a result of democratic self-organisation of the Latvian refugees in Germany, the Latvian National Committee in Bavaria was founded on 17 June 1945 in München. The organisation was headed by Prof. Arveds Ðvâbe.

The Latvian National Committee in Bavaria considered itself a regional non-political organisation whose task was to cooperate with the Red Cross and local Latvian committees in order to survey and provide care for Latvian refugees in South Germany and Austria and to represent their interests before the US regional military structures in Bavaria.


The CCL performed the central Latvian refugee representation functions in Germany and later in Austria and Denmark. The Allies occupation authorities did not de iure recognise the central refugee organisations, including LCC and CCL, though let them act on the condition that these organisations would not perform political activities and conduct business.

On 20 June 1949, the Charter of the Association “Community of the Latvian People in Exile” that comprised all Latvians in exile in Germany was registered in Nürnberg Registry Court. Further on the CCL performed the functions of the central representative office of the Association while the LCC operated as the executive body.

The LCC provided for the refugee surveying and care, releasing of the interned former Latvian soldiers from captives camps and granting of the status of the displaced person to them. Especially extensive work of providing care for educational institutions was carried out by the LCC Education and Culture Division. The achievements of the LCC and CCL by encouraging culture life in refugee camps were also important.